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Do you have a local business in Colorado and need help with getting business in the door?
Rank for Local has proven Local SEO strategies that will deliver results to your business in Colorado.
Our On-Page SEO strategies, link building, and local ads can help drive more leads to your business.

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Are you having a local business and wondering how you can get more leads? If yes, Rank for Local is the go-to SEO company. We are the leading Colorado Local SEO company that is serving small to large businesses. We have several years of experience, and we have helped many businesses grow significantly with our local SEO services. When we talk about SEO services, it is using strategies that will position your business well in the search engines. This means that people who are searching for services and goods you offer will find you easily on the search engines such as Google.

Is search engine optimization important?

This is the question many business owners are asking who are not aware of digital marketing. Search engine optimization is one of the key things that will enable you to position your business well online. It involves the use of contents with keywords and excellent titles that will rank your company website in natural search results in leading search engines. Rank for Local has proven SEO tactics that will enable your business to rank well in Google or any other search engine. This means that when people searching for products or services you offer will find them easily on the first page of search engines like Google.

The contents are used with other strategies to ensure that they drive more customers to your business. When a clients search for what your local business offers, there are high chances that they want to buy the services or the goods. When they find you online, that shows that your business is legit and operational. Another advantage is that they will access contact information for your business. With that, they will be able to buy from you, and you will be ahead of your competitors.

Lead generation

This is one of the most important strategies for a new as well as established business. In Colorado, there are many local businesses that need customers. Most of the companies are competing for customers and for that reason, the smart business ends up getting more customers. Lead generation involves the process of attracting and converting potential buyers to real buyers. At Rank for Local, we have what it takes to ensure you get more leads and make more profits as a result.

We have a professional team that will not rest until your business grows. The team will generate leads for your business using social media, SEO and content, and some inbound marketing strategies. When it comes to inbound marketing, we make sure that we establish your potential customers and identify which platforms they use. With that in mind, it becomes easy to reach them and generate leads that benefit your business. We have a team that will generate content for your website which will
improve your ranking on search engines. On top of that, we will help you increase your presence on social media platforms such as Facebook.

Citation building

As the number one Colorado local SEO company, Rank for Local has come with an experienced team ready to fix your citations. Citation building is one of the steps essential in online validation. You need to have an online presence so that potential clients searching for any of your services or goods can easily find you.

This involves getting your business information to other websites. This makes it more visible and available through online searches. We make sure that the information is accurate and beneficial to potential clients.

Or the business to be more visible online and get good ranking in search engines, it needs to have many mentions on credible sources. The credible sources that will improve search engine ranking include local search engines, local directories, local blogs and data aggregators. Rank for Local has proved to be a reliable company that will build your citations so that your business can get good ranking in search engines.

Optimize your Google business page and website

It is easy to create google business page, but some simple mistakes that can be done and have drastic effects on your rankings. Therefore, you need a professional local SEO company that will create the page for you so that you can enjoy better search rankings. Our team will make sure the listing is done in the right way. On top of that, we optimize your business website. We have exceptional on-page SEO techniques that will enable your business to appear on the first page of search engines. We use keywords in the correct way and come up with excellent headings for specific pages. With our expertise, your business information will appear on the first page of Google or any other search engine.

Find and build relevant backlinks

Rank for Local has the needed expertise in creating links that point to your site from other websites. We have a team that researches on link opportunities that can benefit your business. We have tested our link building strategy and knows what works for different businesses. We will make sure that your business gets more backlinks from reputable websites on the web.

Web design and development
Your business needs to have a website that attracts customers to purchase. On top of our Colorado local SEO services, we offer web design and development services. We consider your target customers and come up with a website that converts strangers into customers. We work with WordPress websites as they are easy to maintain and look incredible. We use the latest technology and make sure you get a website that is attractive and responsive.

Help you get reviews from your customers"

When people visit your website, they want to see reviews from your previous customers. It is advisable to have positive reviews which are highly valued by Google as well as other search engines. We will help you get more reviews from your customers. Positive reviews will attract more customers to your local business.


From above it is evident that your local business can grow significantly without the use of expensive advertisements. With Rank for Local, your business will get more leads, and it will be positioned well on search engines. Therefore, hire us for Colorado local SEO services, and you will not be disappointed.

If you are a business owner then you more than likely have heard of Search Engine Optimization as a form of Advertising. Chances are that you have received an email from a company in India claiming to be the best SEO company or even an annoying phone call or even a direct mail piece from a national company like Yelp or Yext requesting your business pay them unrealistic amounts of money each month. Hopefully you have been deleting those and throwing them away.

In this technologically advanced age, SEO is extremely important and you need to be involved if you want your business to become, or stay successful. Adaptation with the age of technology is the only way that your company will have an online presence or reputation. Stop spending thousands of dollars on fancy billboards and phone book advertisements (are those even still around!?) Get your business found organically online. Being found organically means that we will rank your company website in natural search results without paying for Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or other means of online advertising. We will perform Search Engine Optimization tactics that are proven to work (we know that they work because they have worked for us and our clients) on your website and start generating leads for your company through your website.

Your online profile and reputation can turn an info only website into a revenue generating machine by pushing new phone calls and emails into your inbox for people that desire your service or goods. This is EXACTLY what we accomplish for our clients. By providing our strategies that work to rank your website, you and your customers will begin noticing your business name appear all over the big search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. How is this possible you may be asking. Well you need SEO services.

As the search engines continue to enhance their systems, by working to crawl the web more in depth to return better results based upon peoples' searches. They rely on SEO companies like Sayles Industries to provide them with that vital information buried within your website. Search engines are smart creations but they have their limitations and still need our help. The right SEO service, like what we provide, can create you lists of new clients and an abundance of income, however, the wrong approach aka negative SEO can destroy your site (killing it essentially) thus preventing your business from making any kind of money.

Search Engines are here to provide answers to questions. When a person performs an online search, the search engine performs a query and does its best to locate any documents, websites, or information that pertain to their search. In order for the search engines to answer questions relative to your business, it has to find that information within your website. With that said, make sure that your site is providing the right answers to these questions. Your popularity and relevance of your site are pivotal parts of the SEO process and will provide the influence it needs to rank your website online.

A Local Search Optimization Process That Will Make Your Business Visible Online

Step 1: We optimize your Google Business page

Creating a Google business page is simple enough. However, there are so many little things on this page that can be done wrong that can have drastic effects on your search rankings. From incorrect categories to keyword stuffing in introductions, let us complete your listing the correct way.

Step 2: We Optimize your Website

Knowing On-Page SEO techniques is a key component of making your business appear high in the search results. Knowing what location keywords to put where and what headings to use for specific pages is key. We will run down the whole list and fix everything for you. It’s as simple as that.

Step 3: We fix your Citations

Citation building has long been known as a key ranking factor in Local Search, even today in 2016. TheSiteEdge will list your website on dozens of these citation websites properly (sites like Yelp, Bing, Yahoo Places, AngiesList, etc.) and make sure all information is correct and in line. This is time-consuming and labor intensive, but we have come to believe that having correct citations, and not just hiring an annual service like Yext to do this for you will be very beneficial in the long run. We also check to make sure there are no duplicate listings out there or incorrect address information.

Step 4: We find and build relevant backlinks

A well known ranking factor of organic SEO is the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site from other websites around the web. The same goes for Local SEO. We take the time to research link opportunities that are out there for your business. This involves competitor link research and reaching out to local organizations and businesses. We have tested every type of link building strategy imaginable, and know what works for a specific customer’s needs.

Step 5: We help to get Reviews from your Customers

Google values reviews more than ever in 2016. We discuss and find ways for you to obtain more reviews from your customers. This includes specific placement strategies on your website, invoices, emails, etc. We’ll give you a handout as well tailored for your business reviews.

Don't wait, it's time to make your business visible online

If people can’t find you on Google maps, it’s time to change that. Make sure your business becomes visible in local search results.

Why Our Local SEO Services are the Right Fit For Your Small Business in Colorado

No One Year contracts – Our local search services are monthly services and you can start or stop when you see fit! But the longer you go the better the results!

We are transparent. If you don’t need help with your Local SEO, we’ll tell you and recommend a better option!

You have our attention 100%, your success is our success and we are here every step along the way

We build citations for you and hand over the user/passwords afterwords. We don’t hold onto them like some agencies.

We’ll never work for one of your direct competitors doing local search optimization

Your improved search visibility will be the one of the best investments you can make for your business’s future!