SEO: 8 Common Myths You Should Ignore

SEO: 8 Common Myths You Should Ignore

Are you trying to figure out what works for SEO? Check out this infographic which helps explain some common myths you might want to ignore.

Local SEO can help improve your website’s ranking on Google, but you’re reading conflicting advice about the processes you should follow?

Structured SEO share their explanation for some of the most common SEO myths in this infographic.

Infographic Summary:

  • Higher the content-length, better the rankings
  • New links should improve your rankings, else they are bad and must be removed
  • Metrics claimed by SEO tools are accurate / trustworthy
  • It’s necessary to submit every blog post you publish via fetch as google in search console
  • Never work on a niche with medium to high competition
  • Believing in a guaranteed #1 ranking claim
  • Religiously following everything mentioned in the official webmaster central blog
  • SEO is dead

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Mike is the Founder of Rank for Local, a Local SEO agency based in Phoenix, AZ. Mike also owns A-GoGo Media a WordPress Agency and Social Media business Lift.Social

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